Public Exposure

In today’s update we have this cutie we saw at the train station a few days ago. She was waiting for the train with some of her friends when we thought it might be a good idea to expose her hot ass. We didn’t know how to approach her but luckily she changed her mind and took the stairways to grab cab. from the looks of it she was in a hurry to get to work. She was wearing this white blouse and her black and white skirt when we took the pictures. Her skirt helped us so much because we really wanted her ass on camera.

So we hurried up to be the one behind her on the stairway and when we almost reached the top of the stairs the wind started blowing and lifted her skirt just how much we needed to take a few pictures. She heard the camera clicking but she just turned and smiled, I guess she knew we were on to her from the beginning. If you liked this scene you must visit public pickups for more hot babes exposed in public. Hope you like this scene. Enjoy and see you next time!

up skirt stairway exposure

Take a peek under this girl’s skirt to see her fine ass!